Exhibition Opening 6pm @ Huw Davies Gallery

‘Retrospect’ by Nahila Haddad

Exhibition open from 17 February to 19 March, Huw Davies Gallery, Photoaccess, Manuka, ACT

I love to travel to beautiful places, vast spaces and big mad cities. I walk through the streets and spaces not ever looking for moments to be made into memories, but sometimes I find them…some happy, some sad, but all tell a story. I always seem to be alone when I take the photo.

I was given a camera as a gift at the age of 11 and rarely put it down. I primarily use an SLR with 125 ASA film. My subjects often share a distance with their own environment and with the audience. It is a distance that through my eye allows me a quiet understanding not only of their reality but also of my own.

This exhibition is a 10 year retrospective of my time spent with my camera in some of my favorite parts of the world; Paris, Alaska, New York, Tripoli and Australia.

I love to capture people’s dreams and realities…falling in love, stolen memories, lost innocence, awesome landscapes…they all can happen. They are my dreams and realities.

All images are for sale. Please contact me at nahila@nahila.com



nyc boys, east village

harlem boys

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