December 5th, 2005

goodbye maui…its been super awesome, ill see you soon xxxn


December 2nd, 2005

morning swims, fish tacos, mahi mahi burgers, driving through the mountains in a jeep in the sunshine, sunset swims…..all too good

Honolohau Bay

November 30th, 2005

hono bay1

hono bay2


November 27th, 2005

so i watched the sunset as i swam in waikiki………total absolute paradise


November 25th, 2005

so they actually DO wear hawaiian shirts in hawaii????

well hey!!

November 24th, 2005

sydney airport has free internet!!!! not long now till i arrive in hawaii and begin my new adventure.
i am excited

I quit my job, started this blog and off to Hawaii

November 16th, 2005

What else to say